If you are visiting this site then you are looking for information to try and figure out if Dustin Hahn is legit or a scam. Purchasing anything online can be risky if it is not from a credible reliable source.


Before you make a purchase from Dustin Hahn make sure read some of the reviews on this site to hear what some of his current customers have to say.

“First, let me say that the most educational materials offered on the internet are artfully crafted to provide mass with little and selective information to compartmentalize the knowledge into material to sell. On how to find an auction in central US 39.95, on how to find an action on the west coast (39.95), how to contact the tax assessor 39.95, all crafted to lead to the next sale just from your videos alone. I know each page will be packed with information that it will be a written overview of the most important how to and what not to do’s. I’m excited even though I had to cancel my payment for know because you failed to send my materials it is an oversight of a man whom may be growing at an incredible rate and with good cause you have it  and that is your success is clearly the freedom that money has brought not the possessions.
I have purchased many. All provided so little information or it was outdated and I can follow a lead I do however need a lead. In the end I am happy learning from videos from e-mails an frankly I was born in Campbell river Canada, My dad is Canadian, Dustin appears to be driven in all the right ways loving life and people he loves his work and it shows My countryman has not disappointed me .
I can learn from Dustin because his sentences and paragraphs contain information as a possessed to shelf named guru’s please bud do not ever buy into the Guru title you to good for that.
Dustin is great to learn from because he loves what he does. It shows and he genuinely wants others to achieve what he has.  I never received my book or CD’s yet I continue to educate my shelf off your e-mails alone every e-mail has provided incredible info that allows me to continue on my education.

The best kept secrets. Remained that however I will cherish the list of counties and the #’s and wear out the pages.
I recommend Dustin because in the last three months of due diligence he has failed to disappoint. Moreover, I say this even though I did not get a return call, e-mail, nor was the phone number at my bank valid. I continue to follow his direction make no mistake I will probably be able to succeed on his e-mails and videos alone. In fact that might be a unique pof of this young man’s will to provide real bang for the buck I live in Tx. and it is my plan to go to Houston the second Tuesday of the month.

Dustin provided so much information I can talk intelligently about tax liens and deeds even if I cannot spell. Knowing you, skill set is confidence.

I have people who want me to take them to actions and want to buy their personal homes with me. In conversations I have shared what I have learned and this I mean by being articulate about what I have learn and proven by due diligence what he says about percentage’s and penalties I have confirmed in my research. I know that one day this lost materials story is one that will be told repeatedly by my shelf and hopefully a time or two by Dustin himself.
Dustin you need to call me.”

-Tanya Howell

If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com

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