Real Estates Best Kept Secret

Real Estates Best Kept Secret

“Hello Dustin,

I learned from going through Dustin’s videos are your abilities to communicate without being downgrading. I think I made the learning process very easy, your down to earth approach and enthusiastic approach made the videos easy to understand and by viewing them several times cemented the knowledge solidly.

The benefits I learned from Real Estates Best Kept Secret are the ease of making large amounts of money quickly and honestly.

I never really knew much of anything about tax liens and deeds until I stumbled upon your basic
information. As I watched you in your introduction video, I was inspired to do what you are doing.

I would recommend Dustin Hahn’s training to others because it’s true, it’s something you can believe in, it is a way to live a more relaxed life style, a way to help others, a way to provide more for the ones you love the most.

Dustin’s training give me more confidence to proceed with tax liens and deeds by realizing it is a wide open market, by understanding I can learn to do the same thing, by knowing it is an honest and affordable opportunity, by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being sceptical on anything for sale on the internet is without saying, risky because of the multitude of frauds that take place daily. Am I happy I purchased it, as we say here in Texas, you bet.
It was easy learning from Dustin as opposed to learning from other people because you are easygoing, direct to the point, good analogies backed up with the real information. Simply put, you do a great job at delivering the necessary information to get the job done.
Dustin, we are in the process of rolling my wife’s Roth IRA over into a self-directed Roth IRA and establishing an LLC, as a result I have held off purchasing anything because we want to protect our investment profits from federal taxes and can do so through the LLC. I intend to attend the April tax sale here in Houston. I may see you there. I am interested in tax liens as well, especially those we can purchase at arm’s length. I will email you the moment I make my first deal. The name of our new LLC is RichLee LLC., My middle name and my wife’s middle name.

A side note comment. I really have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the program. keep up the good work. It is without doubt a sad situation for those that lose their homes in that manner; however, it is also true that whenever a bad apple falls it opens the door for an even greater opportunity.
W. Clement Stone is quoted in saying, “Out of the seed of adversity, blooms the flower of opportunity” How fantastically true.

Best Regards”
Russell Cranmer

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