Dustin Hahn International Received Study Materials

Dustin Hahn International Received Study Materials

I really liked the fact that you were as you are, not a slick dude trying to pass off as a suited up investment guru. I could relate to you better as a person that’s like me, that found a way to earn Great money.

I now have the knowledge, confidence and the method to find hidden gems in the tax lien investing world. Your videos are super! I could see myself in Houston with you guys. I now know the difference between Tax deed sales and tax lien sales. To dig in for more information that helps me decide if a “deal” is good or bad.

Your communication and way of teaching is natural, down to earth. Easy to understand & remember. I was able to research a certain market that interests me in Colorado and have purchased my first tax lien certificate, this week. I am usually too careful about purchasing educational materials, I have been burned a few times especially with those late night infomercials. I was happy with the information I received, not just cause of the price but because it was easy to comprehend and chock full of tips.

Listening to a slick business guy using fancy words is condescending and makes you feel like what they know is hard to achieve; but listening (videos) to Dustin’s advice and easy to read book teaches me at a comfortable level.
Dustin, I just purchased a lien certificate (parcel lot) for $45, it’s not a super deal but I can sell it for at least $2500 if it’s not redeemed. I am going to work a little at a time, pocket the earnings and invest bigger over again. – Found it on the internet and made a few calls to the county treasurer, they gave me an updated list. – They don’t have auctions there.
By the way Dustin,I am a Senior designer for a national sign manufacturer based in Dallas, but I work in San Antonio, Texas. I just turned 45 a few days ago and have been investing off and on (with my hard earned cash). Real estate is where the money is. You truly offer an honest to goodness system and that is really rare in this time. Thanks for showing me your system and letting me in on this “best kept secret”. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you and your class soon at Houston. The rat race sucks, I’ve been trying to get out for years… I believe I can do it with your system.
Thanks again”
Pablo Aguiar


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