I Got All I Want From It

I Got All I Want From It

“Dustin course was a great experience to know that such investment in Tax lien and deeds do exist. This investment opportunity was completely new for me and I lean almost every thing I need to know  about Tax liens and Tax sales that I am now  ready to start my new career in Tax sales….

It need few hours per week and that give you free time to enjoy with family and friends.  It will allow you to profit over time and keep income coming your way as long as you keep investing and finding new deals. The challenge is to find these lists as some of the number I called from your list was not up to date but we the best keep secret show you that  path to start somewhere and when you want to do it you know how . It is just a little effort on our part to make this a big success. I am looking to find my first Tax sale Auction, get the list, join it and go for it ASAP .

It was explained in a very simple way. I only needed to watch your video and take some notes . After I finished watching your videos I learned  all I need to know so start my investment in it. It is so simply explained and put together. Thank you for this valuable information. Dustin Hahn’s training course is only they need to know about  this investment opportunity and that do not need anything else except to put time and go for it.

Dustin training course gave me all I need to know about tax liens and deeds, so now, I am confident to start this profitable business which is protected by the liens, Deeds  and  the property itself. I thought it will be like other online courses where you pay small amount and they start asking for more and more to teach you. But your course was all I need and you did not start asking for more money. I got all what I want from it. If I need to become more involved I need your consultations which I will ask for when I start my first trip.

The material is simply easy and well explained and straight forward taking into consideration the average person who knows nothing about tax sales, deeds and tax liens. I am still looking for the tax sale lists and auction dates and trying to get different  lists so I can start my homework on them. I will let you know as soon as I do first the trip or participate in my first online sale .”

Machhour Moukaddem

If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com



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  1. Mighty useful. Make no miskate, I appreciate it.

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