I Bought One Parcel for $7000 worth $59,000

I Bought One Parcel for $7000 worth $59,000

“I love the training because it showede me a simple way to invest in property or home. I learned how to invest and be careful by doing the research.
It also help me overcome my frustrations by doing positive things a little bit everyday.

The training makes you focus more on what your doing, since I’m a single parent of a 8 and 10 yr, old I have to be more consious about how i spend my money which is limited for me.

I Bought one parcel for $7000 worth $59,000. But to sell it for the full price it needs cleaned up, garbage on it, grass overgrown, but I think I will still make a profit of $35,000 to $45,000 which will pay for my kids braces and maybe sports activity stuff in the near future. Theres another auction in Lewis County Washignton next week that I’m going to attend and possibly buy a home or property for hopefully a good price.

Dustin seems like a good person that you can believe which is rare now-a-days.”

Vern Nelson


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