“What I love about learning from Dustin is that he explains tax lien and tax deeds in very simple words. Various strategies of tax lien and tax deed investments are broken down into simple words. Step by step is explained in a video where investing in Texas tax lien (Harris County) is shown including the county website, researching, how to plan a trip to other states, visit properties, due diligence etc.

The benefits I learned from Real Estates Best Kept Secret are – there are many ways of making money in real estate with lower risks, you can make money in real estate with low investments, you could own real estate property with at 80 – 90% discount by investing in tax lien and tax deed investments.

Real Estates Best Kept Secret helped me overcome my frustrations in regards to learning about tax liens and deeds by breaking this investment into simple terms. Many of the trainings from other experts have very elaborate videos, expensive training seminars etc., so it is hard to find the most important information to invest. Dustin Hahn’s study material was simple enough to explain these things in simpler words.

I would recommend Dustin Hahn’s training to others because less training material and less reading helps you get started with tax liens and tax deed investments.

Dustin’s training gave me more confidence to proceed with tax liens and deeds by showing that anyone can without any real estate or investment background can get started.

I was skeptical at first about purchasing a course of the internet because I thought this was just another training material which is rehash about of so many other training materials. There are many experts trainers who train in real estate one year and after a few years they are training about something completely different like credit repair, business marketing etc. There is no commitment to one type of investment and this shows that they do not have hands-on experience in tax lien investments. Dustin Hahn proved to have hands-on experience in tax lien and tax deed investments.
I am happy that Dustin’s training has given a good start with Tax lien and tax deed investment with simple training material, tax lien and deed directories. In fact, I have called the county courthouses in Wisconsin (a tax deed state), which is where I live.

It was easy learning from Dustin as opposed to learning from other people because the training material is short and there are some helpful videos. The PDF copies help in reading in leisure. There are CDs and videos that are helpful. Also, the tax lien and tax deed directories are a useful resource. If I had to compile a list of all the contacts of all the counties, then it would taken me months to do so.

I do not have any great deals yet because I got the material only a couple weeks back but I plan to look into Texas state tax lien because they give 25% interest for tax lien.”

Lokesh Wuluvarana

“If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com

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