No Money“I liked the fact that the idea is very realistic and the fact that I outright got a list of
Counties in the US that I could call. I called a few and found that there really were
Liens, deeds etc. After all the scams we fear people who talk a lot of hot air
And you go out there and find there is nothing, or just very inaccessible
Situations that would not even allow you to investigate the business. As a person
Who is marketing an idea, a business about other ideas and places you have
To contact, I immediately felt that I could do this.

I did not learn much because I did not feel that I could get much guidance beyond what I got in the
Initial email. I guess I am someone you need to take through a website and have somebody follow
Up on how I am doing. I have the material, but even though I understand the idea, I do not see
Myself travelling all over to buy.

I did not have any frustrations about this because I did not know it. I just have frustrations now because I have
No idea how to proceed. I think you need to give people more of a detailed procedure that says they should
Do Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 until they make their first sale and then let them go. This is a very complex
Thing to do and since it involves money people like me are scared. We want to make money,
We have lost jobs; We are aggressive, but we still need a coach and partner to go all the way.
Right now I do not know what to do between a lien and an deed. I do not know where to start
I do not know how much to put it. Much as these are not difficult questions to answer them alone
Involves a lot of risk and since some of us are technophobes born and bred we are even more
Frustrated knowing there is so much I could gain out there, but since I fear to take the risk
I will miss out. Confusion and anxiety and money are things we live with in a situation where the jobs have
Gone to other countries. We feel the American dream is here, but only a few brave people can once again
Make it. Take me seriously. I am not someone who is scared of risk. Even the fact that after being scammed
Over ten times, I could still trust someone who does not do a one on one communication means I cam do
This, with a little bit of help, even if I had to pay for it.

He is good at putting out this idea. He has a very good business. Trust yourself after you make your first payment.
Keep trying to contact him, and then things will work for you and good luck. You have made a good decision
In following his idea. Take a few more steps in being practical and you will make your first purchase of a lien or deed and then you can be happy.

I have not got any training except from the videos. As you can see from my reply, I feel lost.

Why were you skeptical at first about purchasing a course of the Internet? Why are you happy that you did in the end?
I am happy that this thing will work. I need to raise money, but I feel I will not be able to travel to far away places all the time. I have no money.

He is very clear and knows what he is talking about. I am too new to this to even know how much to invest and how to proceed.”

Sarah Mkhonza

“If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit

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