Hello, Dustin
Yes, I purchased your tax sales package about two weeks ago and I’ve read about 90% of the instructions.
I have purchased three properties already, two houses and two acres of land; all for less than $14,000.
The first property sold for $8,000 with a market valve of $71,000.
The second property sold for $3,400 with a market value of $53,000,
The land sold for $2,000 with a market value of $30,000.
I started buying properties June 7, 2011. My goal is to acquire one or two properties every month and at the end of the redemption periods, either collect the 20% interest, sell or rent the property.
I will let you know how things are going next year when I make my first sell.
However, I may need a good real estate attorney.
Thank you!

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