You Are The Real DealHi Dustin H. I am very glad to hear from you. I (we) are glad for all that you are doing for the Investor in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. I was wondering if you were still sending out the emails to us. My question #1 will you be still be sending out emails because I have find out that you are very direct and on target with your (courses). All I can say to you that you (practice) what you preach. And you are really teaching your studies. Why? Because I am one. And I would like to know when will we start get some training, and glad to hear from you. Hi, try not to Leave (us) hanging like that again, Why? because Tax Lien, Tax Deeds, Investor need your HELP. I know I do, and Dustin Thank you, for all that you are doing God Bless. (You are the REAL DEAL! ) Oh, and thank you for the Video. All the way from Brazil, that AWESOME…


Michael W. Gordon Sr.
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