My Group and I Would Love to Meet YouHi, Fantastic thank you.

We are living in Melbourne, we need help with the Tax lien stuff desperately. We have organized the IRS number the USA address, and the USA soft card, Bank account. Now, we are stuck ……I spent $30.00 talking to two different Counties who gave me no information at all.

What is the best site to view properties clearly to enable the best decision making.

If you are still in Melbourne please let us know, and come over for tea, my group and I would love to meet you.

Could you give us a live demonstration on here of getting your first tax lien ?

That would be ultimate info. . . . . .

Incidentally, we have 6 friends who are interested in Tax Liens and they are coming over for Lunch on the 20th of November 2011, we are each supposed to have obtained 1 lien each……….

Thank you, Kind Regards,
Vanessa James

Vanessa James
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