Simple Telephone Call

Simple Telephone Call

“What I love about leaning from Dustin is his real talk conversations about Tax Deed and Tax Lien investments. His Videos are humorous but well balanced with good information. He reminds me of that study partner from college who helped you with you work, while having a little fun too.

The benefits that I’ve acquired (learned) from Best Kept Secret were to understand the process. I am encouraged to devise a schedule and a system that works for me; while incorporating key elements from the course study like following the County Research List and joining the Monthly Profit Club.

Real Estate Best Kept Secret helped me to overcome my frustrations in learning about Tax Liens and Deeds because it provided a Directory for both (Liens and Deeds). The directories gave a listing of each State and all it’s County’s contact information. Unlike some programs, Best Kept Secret has detailed a lot of information instead of limiting it to a table or spread sheet format.

I would recommend Dustin Hahn’s training to others because he is not beyond our reach. We can get one on one, hand held training if that what it takes to grow our investment. He will take us to a live auction to purchase property and eliminate any guesswork within the process.

Dustin training gave me more confidence to proceed with Tax Liens and Tax Deeds because his method encourages students to call the counties and ask questions. I tried another course that insisted on a healthy amount of online research before calling the counties to acquire information. I thought I had to figure out as much as I could before hand, which had dwindled my confidence and proven to be a waste of time. I quickly learned what I needed to know with a simple telephone call.

I was not skeptical about purchasing a course off the Internet; I was a little leary about selecting the right one. I am happy with Dustin’s course because he provided a lot of free information that made his system stands out as the realistic choice.

It’s quite easy learning from Dustin as opposed to learning from other people because Dustin’s training is not just limited to “Text Book Teachings”. Prior to ordering Dustin’s system, I tried another source and found that majority of the information (for the other guy) was limited to what was written in the book—even the audio recordings.

I haven’t gotten any great deals yet, that’s because I just started with Dustin’s course. I am still in the research phase, but I immediately began the process by making county calls without hesitation.”

Shannon Baskerville

“If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit

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