“Hey Dustin,
I like the laid back attitude you have and not a stuffed shirt like a damn minister or shit like that. You speak clearly and yeah i have to go back and see each video a time or two but hey – i am an old man! i am almost 60 and if you think you can’t type!!!!

If I got only one thing out of listening to you – its that you have to do SOMETHING EVERYDAY! don’t have to be miracle worker and turn water into wine but it helps to at least go get the water – just in case!

I had a hard time understanding the differance and while I am still a little confused about other liens that the propertys hold and who has preseidnece about what, I am really looking right now at buying some LAND, so I can flip it – but with your help I think it can be done cause I believe! Simple.

I would hesitate about telling others about you – hey i am getting too old to fight the young bucks but i would not hesiatate in the least about who knows what about liens and property – its Dustin Hahn!

Your upbeat attitude and i love it when you talk about taking advice from others who are working for somone else! VERY GOOD POINT!

I was skepital about buying something over the internet but sometimes you have to jump. I am happy that I bought your course but I wish I had it about 5 years ago but then maybe not – you just motivate people. Hey! I am tyring to find a way to pay for my 85 year old mothers bills, and being disabled is not easy but you give me the reason to at least try.

I think learning from you is easier because you don’t put on airs about things. I am sure there have been sit backs, like gas tanks and things like that but you don’t let things bother you that much. Here I am in the Rocky mountains you talk about making the move to the beach, and i just wonder which side? Atlantic or Pacific

Thanks to you Dustin I have already got in contact with the county clerk who handles things for taxs and found out when where what who why and the little things you preach each day are so damn important. When it comes time I will do something knowing I know from you how to succeed.

I don’t know shit about computers so am having a real hard time and only get to work on this about 4 hours a day/night cause I am disabled but hey that’s another story you should invistigate.
Thanks a lot.”

Jim Mcneely

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