Dustin's Knowledge Empowers

Dustin's Knowledge Empowers

“I was looking for information about tax liens and deeds and Dustin just seemed like a real person with a low pressure approach. I watched every video blog that he sent and opened and read each and every e-mail with interest in finding out about some new jem of Dustin’s wisdom and experience.

The benefits I acquired from the training was the knowledge of a system that is truly a wonderful way to make and invest money.

I don’t think that I was ever very frustrated but reading Dustins book has given me the keys to looking in the right places in order to find what I’m looking for in regards to information. I already knew how to look up county public records but I never knew buying a deed could be so easy. Knowledge is really empowering if you know how to apply what you have learned. Overcoming frustrations is easy if you just know where to look.

I think the reason I would recommend the training is because his approach is simple and the helpful tips and advice along the way are just enough to keep you exploring forward but not enough to get a student bogged down and flooded with too much information that is hard to digest. Some other courses have multiple books and CDs and by the time you read all the books or get even half way through the course, you just want to pull your hair out and put the whole system back in the box. Way to confusing and frustrating. Dustins system is very simple, just start and the rest takes care of itself.

Dustin’s course give me more confidence to proceed with tax leins and deeds by giving out encouragement and reinforcing his videos and blogs with actual real life situations not just a lot of hype. By answering key questions like what happens at the sale? What about the mortgage? Previous leins? How do I make sure that the title can be purchased and be free and clear of leins and mortgages. What kinds of things do I have to do and what questions do I have to ask to get my answers? Dustin tells you what to ask for and why, just follow his scripts if you want. Getting answers is easy if you ask the right questions.

I was skeptical and cautious but I wanted the information and just had to find the answers that I was looking for about tax sales. I was happy that I did buy Dustin’s Course because the information I received was well worth the price.

It was easy to listen to Dustin rather than some stuffed shirt guru with alot of hype.

I went to an auction last month just to see what the whole scenario of a tax auction was going to be like, just for the experience of the whole thing. There were only three of us there, plus the county officials and the clerks. I had found a clip in the paper and had read the advertisement for the tax foreclosure sale. I thought it must have been a misprint or something so I had to see for myself. They were going to auction off this $250,000 dollar house just for the past due taxes. I read further to find out that the delinquent taxes owed were only about $7000., plus a few court processing and document fees which didn’t add up to more than a few hundred dollars.

I had looked up the public records and found everything one could possibly imagine about the house and its history. I looked up the map for the property and found it was only a block off the ocean. I must have driven right past it ten times without seeing the driveway. Finally, I Googled the address in my iPhone and it showed that I was right in front off the house. I pulled off the side of the road and made my way through some trees and there it was. It did not appear as though there was anything wrong with the house. I looked into the windows and everything looked to be in order.
Still cautious, I decided to show up at the auction just to see how much it would take to buy a quarter of a million dollar house nestled in the trees a block off the ocean. So I brought my nephew along just for somone to be my witness. The auction was set for a thursday at noon at the courthouse; which brings me back to the beginning of this story. As I was saying there were only three of us plus the courthouse staff and clerks. I told my nephew to be quiet and not make any unneccessary hand movements because I didn’t want to inadvertently bid not knowing what all was involved.

The Auction started and to my surprise nobody bid on the house. As the auctioneer was about to close the bidding for lack of interest, the man next to me offered to put in the minimum bid and won the bid for somewhere around $7500. dollars.
I couldn’t believe it. I went home and started researching tax auctions. I must have only slept a couple hours that whole week. I found everything I could online about tax sales. Somewhere in the middle of my reseach, I found Dustins program online. I was bound and determined not to let another deal like that slip away from me ever again. I am currently tracking at least 50 properties that are coming up in auctions all around my area and the list keeps growing. Thanks to Dustins information, I’m on my way to an exciting new career in real estate investing.

Thank you for your offer.”

James Barber

“If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com

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