“Hi Dustin,
I wanted to first thank you for not being selfish and greedy, you are open to helping others this is obvious because you give most of your information away and it is truly life changing. I went to my first auction on August, 2nd in Accomac county, Va and I purchased a piece of property (Land) that is in a private resort a golf community and I only paid 1,400 for it. I was shocked! I am so grateful when I was there the attorney told us we only had to pay 25% at the time of the auction and the rest within 10 days so let people know if they have 25% of the price if the property they may be able to pay that at the time of the auction and pay the rest later depending upon the county rules. They must make sure to pay the 75% within the amount of time required by the county or they lose the 25% they paid at the time of the auction. They can still go to the auction and bid just keep track of how much they will owe after paying the 25%. I realised I could spend more than I intended because I got paid the Friday of that week so I was able to bid up to double the amount. I just finished paying my balance, as soon as I get the deed into my hot little hands I will be posting it for sale and going to talk to the neighbors about purchasing the lot next door I learned that from you to. I went to Craigslist and there are people selling there properties in that community for 13.5k about the same size as mine so I will sell mine at 7.5k. One of my friends purchased your entire program because I am so excited about being a real estate investor.
-May The Lord bless You And Your Family,
Patricia Evans

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