You are a Positive Force In a Lot of LivesHey Dustin, Sorry about my last post after a few drinks. Anyway, Thanks for all your inspiring talks. I’m still on track to make some purchases this year. I have no excuse not to succeed. My goals are reasonable and will be met. By the way, I don’t really drink very often and am pretty much a lightweight. You sound like kind of a partier. Knock it off. There is nothing good about drinking. All of us have alcoholics in our family somewhere and know how much it sucks to deal with. You seem to have your shit together so hopefully you don’t lose it all because of the bottle. If this doesn’t apply to you, nevermind. Have a good one. We will talk again. I have my feet in a few areas regarding tax sales and I do see you as an inspiration. Feel good knowing that you are a positive force in a lot of lives. Thank you

Jeffrey Lavoie
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