Dustin Hahn International Received Study Materials

Dustin Hahn International Received Study Materials

I really liked the fact that you were as you are, not a slick dude trying to pass off as a suited up investment guru. I could relate to you better as a person that’s like me, that found a way to earn Great money.

I now have the knowledge, confidence and the method to find hidden gems in the tax lien investing world. Your videos are super! I could see myself in Houston with you guys. I now know the difference between Tax deed sales and tax lien sales. To dig in for more information that helps me decide if a “deal” is good or bad.

Your communication and way of teaching is natural, down to earth. Easy to understand & remember. I was able to research a certain market that interests me in Colorado and have purchased my first tax lien certificate, this week. I am usually too careful about purchasing educational materials, I have been burned a few times especially with those late night infomercials. I was happy with the information I received, not just cause of the price but because it was easy to comprehend and chock full of tips.

Listening to a slick business guy using fancy words is condescending and makes you feel like what they know is hard to achieve; but listening (videos) to Dustin’s advice and easy to read book teaches me at a comfortable level.
Dustin, I just purchased a lien certificate (parcel lot) for $45, it’s not a super deal but I can sell it for at least $2500 if it’s not redeemed. I am going to work a little at a time, pocket the earnings and invest bigger over again. – Found it on the internet and made a few calls to the county treasurer, they gave me an updated list. – They don’t have auctions there.
By the way Dustin,I am a Senior designer for a national sign manufacturer based in Dallas, but I work in San Antonio, Texas. I just turned 45 a few days ago and have been investing off and on (with my hard earned cash). Real estate is where the money is. You truly offer an honest to goodness system and that is really rare in this time. Thanks for showing me your system and letting me in on this “best kept secret”. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you and your class soon at Houston. The rat race sucks, I’ve been trying to get out for years… I believe I can do it with your system.
Thanks again”
Pablo Aguiar


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Real Estates Best Kept Secret

Real Estates Best Kept Secret

“Hello Dustin,

I learned from going through Dustin’s videos are your abilities to communicate without being downgrading. I think I made the learning process very easy, your down to earth approach and enthusiastic approach made the videos easy to understand and by viewing them several times cemented the knowledge solidly.

The benefits I learned from Real Estates Best Kept Secret are the ease of making large amounts of money quickly and honestly.

I never really knew much of anything about tax liens and deeds until I stumbled upon your basic
information. As I watched you in your introduction video, I was inspired to do what you are doing.

I would recommend Dustin Hahn’s training to others because it’s true, it’s something you can believe in, it is a way to live a more relaxed life style, a way to help others, a way to provide more for the ones you love the most.

Dustin’s training give me more confidence to proceed with tax liens and deeds by realizing it is a wide open market, by understanding I can learn to do the same thing, by knowing it is an honest and affordable opportunity, by seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being sceptical on anything for sale on the internet is without saying, risky because of the multitude of frauds that take place daily. Am I happy I purchased it, as we say here in Texas, you bet.
It was easy learning from Dustin as opposed to learning from other people because you are easygoing, direct to the point, good analogies backed up with the real information. Simply put, you do a great job at delivering the necessary information to get the job done.
Dustin, we are in the process of rolling my wife’s Roth IRA over into a self-directed Roth IRA and establishing an LLC, as a result I have held off purchasing anything because we want to protect our investment profits from federal taxes and can do so through the LLC. I intend to attend the April tax sale here in Houston. I may see you there. I am interested in tax liens as well, especially those we can purchase at arm’s length. I will email you the moment I make my first deal. The name of our new LLC is RichLee LLC., My middle name and my wife’s middle name.

A side note comment. I really have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the program. keep up the good work. It is without doubt a sad situation for those that lose their homes in that manner; however, it is also true that whenever a bad apple falls it opens the door for an even greater opportunity.
W. Clement Stone is quoted in saying, “Out of the seed of adversity, blooms the flower of opportunity” How fantastically true.

Best Regards”
Russell Cranmer

If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com

“Hey Dustin,
I like everything about your training programs and your E-book. I am currently implementing much of the techniques I learned from you. I wish I could meet you in person and possible partner up on some deals. If you knew me, I know you would. I spend every waking hour studying liens and deeds like you instructed. If i cant meet you in person, I hope you would give me a call. I already E-mailed you my number, I plan on going big with this. The Mark Zuckerberg of tax liens perhaps? Please give me a call. I’m positive the conservation would be full of million dollar ideas.

Thanks for your time,”
Steven McGee

If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com

Doing Business With Dustin Hahn International

Doing Business With Dustin Hahn International

“Dustin my man!
You have helped me in more ways than just learning so much about real estate. If I had not seen your video about you taking others (students) to a tax sale in Texas, I came to a stop and said to myself that do not happen. Someone doing that, Is unheard of!

You are teaching people from all over the world, and taking their hand. Spoon-feeding them, handing them the power to take a hold, and making them able to change their lives. “NO” other trainer, teacher, and or sales dud does not spoon-feed there people. Dustin I do not say a lot about anything to anybody. But- man I cannot get your stuff out of my mouth fast enough. I love the way you show how to take the first step. Simple, clean, and straight to point, I think I have learned more from you in a few weeks, than I got from months ago. I needed a way to change my life, and you my friend have given me more than that. I love the way you just put everything out there, and to the point. I understand your easygoing way you show just what needs to be done. “IT’s GREAT” I will tell you this, I was so frustrated with all the B.S. I was ready to give up. Thank GOD, I opened a video and found you. When you talked about Tax Liens and Deeds, I got it. I mean you made it simple, and I got it. From that point on, I waited for your next video like a kid looking for candy.

You know every day people (that is me) hear and are told about Real Estate Secret. Well you let that cat out of the bag. You have showed me Secrets. Your secrets are mostly in benefits from your teaching.

To tell you the truth I was more than ready to give up. If I had not stumbled across your Real Estate Best Kept Secret, I would not be able to do the things I am doing today. At first, I was sceptical. You know what I mean. I think it is about the same with everyone at first. We are all afraid to purchases anything because we all have been burn at one time or the other. Buying your course was the best thing I ever spent money on.

Now I am working on getting more tax liens. I am seeing the power in tax liens. Like you, I am using tax liens as away to build my savings account. Banks are the last place I want my money to go. One of my tax liens will pay 18% on my money and another is 22%. I never thought anything like this was available. The thing is I do not have much money. However, I still found an $80 deal, and a $220 deal. And I think that’s just great! I think the $220 deal might just run into a house. The people next door told me they did not think the owners were ever coming back.

Thanks Man!”

-William White

If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com

Dustin Hahn International Review

Dustin Hahn International Review


So far, I think your information is very useful. I appreciate the low-key way you present your material. It is helpful to me. Unfortunately, I have not been able to put this material to work yet. However, when I am in a position to, I feel I will be able to be successful. I have gone through Armando Montelongo’s training and I really like your material much better. I felt Armondo’s entire approach was about making money-off of me and he never was at any of the trainings. I felt his organization was somewhat scammy really and cold. All his advertising makes you think he is going to be training you and he is never there.

However, I like your honest approach and your material. I would love to go to Texas with you. I am a Texan presently living in Nashville. TN.

I have not completely gone through all your videos yet. However, I feel your videos give me confidence to do this especially after I went through all the Armondo training and had some background into this real estate investing thing. Presently, I am saving my money so I will be able to have the funds for a tax lien property here in Nashville. I am much more interested in the tax liens right now rather than flipping. I feel it is more practical for my financial situation. I put some offers in on some flooded homes here in Nashville, but I couldn’t get the deals because the people with cash were getting the homes.

I do plan to complete your training though. I really love your motivation part, especially the TV part. You are so correct about people wasting so much time in front of the TV.

Thank you Dustin!”

– Jan Hollier

If you are interested in learning more about Dustin Hahn’s tax lien and deed programs visit www.TaxSalesSecrets.com

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