I Will Never Forget or Give UpHi Dustin!

It’s good to hear from you!
Yes, I listened/watched both training 1 and 2 with you and Damon. I also
got a chance to speak with him too (live)! Totally awesome.
So although I have no deals under my belt yet with TLD/TLC, I will never
forget or give up…
I’ve decided to work with my local Georgia mentor on bread and butter
deals, like making low offers on MLS listings (mostly REO/foreclosures) and
putting some very small rehab into it and then re listing it once I get a
lease purchase and some rent. It will make it super marketable. So I will
then try to relist so other investors can make an offer or worst case
scenario keep my rent-to-own and then sell for retail down the line. I
found some homes (not too good of areas) but I can get them on $15k – $20k
(50-60% on the dollar). Hopefully I can graduate to more profit spread
and then I will save my cash and buy like a whole bunch of tax liens one
day! Doesn’t my plan rock?!

TLD may not be my forte right now…I just can’t invest the time and energy
for the due diligence and 3 days of driving especially with my 3yr old and
with no family or babysitters for all those days…I’ve done it a couple of
times now and it’s brutal… Maybe my circumstance will change. I’ve
focused the past 6 months in one particular state for online TLD, awesome
deals!… I will submit an OTC TLD sometime this summer. One day when I
can afford TFB route and put into full action cause those darn spreadsheets
are so tedious! I need to go for part time real estate hours and so
hopefully my strategy will work.

I have the TFB system and still part of Tax Lien Insider’s Club…Thanks
for keeping me in the program.

I do want to thank you soooooooooo much from the bottom of my heart for
all the information you’ve shared with me. If it wasn’t for you, I
wouldn’t have met my accountability partner from the GA TLD auction who
would have led me to my strategy today. Also, after speaking with Dutch,
Damon, and Rodney (on the phone live!!) I got lots of super pointers on
networking which led me to my REIA which led me to my local Yoda who’s
going to train me 1:1. This is all because of you!

Wishing you the best and maybe our paths will cross again when I get to the
major leagues 🙂

Atlanta, GA


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